2009 -  JANUARY MEETING: Business and Bead Challenge


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As usual, the meeting started with Announcements from the co-presidents Diane Kovacs and Andrew Lunde. (Photo by ?)

There were lots of announcements and one of the happiest was that Maureen McRorie won the prestigious Frabel Novice Prize.  Beside a financial prize Maureen will be able to spend time watching and workin with the Frabel artists.  Maureen her husband Lance McRorie are the owners of FlameTree Glass.   Click here to see Maureen's winning entry. (Photo by Andrew Lunde)

Gerry White, owner of Beads By Design and the Southeast Regional Coordinator for ISGB reminded us that ISGB dues are due and that we can pay them online if we wish to. She also told us about the Release a Bead program that ISGB is sponsoring.  Make a bead, put it in a plastic bag with a special card, and put it out for someone to find.   Gerry will have the insert cards available at her store and if you want more details about the program go to www.releaseabead.com or link to it from the ISGB website. (Photo by Andrew Lunde)


It was Becky Sizemore's birthday and Southern Flames surprised her with a Birthday Cake. (Photo by Andrew Lunde)

A close-up of the cake.  And thanks to Cristie Prince who makes sure we are all well fed at our meetings.

We are not sure whether Margo Knight wore these colorful shoes to celebrate Becky's birthday or in honor of Margie Deeb and Kristy Nijenkamp's lecture on color.  But they are sure are colorful and they do match the cake! (Photo by Andrew Lunde)

The bead challenge for this meeting was Complementary Color Beads   Complementary colors are directly opposite to one another on the color wheel (e.g. red & green;)  Below are photos of the beads submitted for the Challenge drawing.



And the winner of the Bead Challenge for January was Renee Taylor! (Photo by Andrew Lunde)



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