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Our SF Greeter, Nancy Stone,  welcoming members and guests to our meeting.  She hands out badges, signs in members and makes guests, visitors, and new members feel welcome.


While she was waiting for the meeting and Garage Sale to start, Gerry White (owner of Beads by Design and Southeast Regional Coordinator for ISGB) was putting together packets for the Release a Bead project.  This project encourages ISGB members to leave beads for people to find as a way of letting our local communities know more about Glass Beadmaking.  A bead is put in a little plastic bag with a note asking the finder to visit the ISGB website to post a note about their bead and read about other beads that have been "found".  (see below)

The insert for the the Release a Bead packet.

Robert Simmons collects beads for the Beads of Courage program from SF members.


For the Garage sale four tables were set out with all sorts of glass related items that SF member brought to sell and/or trade.   This table had videos, mashers frit dishes and a variety of glass.


On this table is a Vax Cox brass marver, a leaf press, storage jars for frit and powders and several graphite  tools.

Lots more glass and Frit plus a marble shaper and the best tweezers for picking out scum and bubbles - there were a bargain at $1.00 each.  If you missed this Garage Sale and you love glass and bargains you must come to the next one.

This table has a  Zoozi's press, shards, a face shield, a mallet, and some special yellow mystery glass.

Maureen Lovell examines the Val Cox brass marver.

Is it more fun to buy, sell or trade? Robin Snuttjer seems to be pondering this.

Nita Van Til is just happy to be at the Garage Sale

A lovely photo of Fred and Martha Fuerst.  Martha is the SF Treasurer and Fred often fills in as our Scrapbook photographer when the Web Mama can't make a meeting.  THANK YOU Fred.



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