2009  MARCH 

Torch Flame Off and Beads of Courage.

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On Saturday March 25, SF co-president Andrew Lunde coordinated a torch flame off which provided members with an apples-to-apples comparison of all the torches that are available that manufacturers say are designed for use on O2 concentrators.  Two each of five types of torches  (Nortel Minor, Nortel Mega-Minor, GTT Cricket, Bethlehem Minnow, Carlisle Mini-CC) were available with one running on an O2 concentrator and one on bottled O2.  There was also an opportunity to try out Chemolene gas and compare it to Propane.  At the meeting, Don Reinagel ( 770- 443-8842  and 678 409 4112 (Mobile) from whom many of us have purchased recycled concentrators descroned to us how an O2 concentrator worked.  He also took one apart so we could see inside it.

Robert Simmons took some photos at the event and has shared them with us:  Photos of the beads made and contributed to BOC are at the bottom of the page.

Maureen Lovell, Renee Taylor, Brad Shute

Diane Kovach

Becky Sizemore

Brad Shute, Renee Taylor, Andrew Lunde
Andrew Lunde

Robin Sunttjer

Mary Brightwell

Marcy Lamberson

Members who tried out the torches were asked if they would contribute the beads  they made to the Beads of Courage Program.  Seventy five beads were made during the course of the Torch Off and they are shown below: Lots of them are "bumpy beads" which are given to the kids when they have had a particularly rough time undergoing a procedure, test or therapy.

In addition to the beads shown above, Robert Simmons sent out a request through the SF Yahoo Group for some special beads.  He wrote  "I've had a request for some special beads if anyone would like to give it a try. These are for a young girl named whose last name is Moon. She's really like to have a purple bead with a yellow moon on it. We'd like to get about 9 in total, so if you'd like to make a bead or two we can get the total without anyone having to take on too much extra. "
Three SF members these  beads for Ms Moon.  Robert Simmons took the photo.


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