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Camille and Robert Simmons are both involved with beads.  Robert Simmons makes lampworked beads and is the National Director of Bead Donations to the Beads of Courage Program.  Camille Simmons is a beader who makes the most exquisite beaded jewelry.

Shown below is a photo of Camille wearing one of her necklaces.  The focal bead in the necklace was made by Robert.


One of Camille's complex embroided collars.

Another beautiful beaded collar - unfortunately not a good photo.

         Two bead embroided pendants.


Several other of Camille's pieces.

Robert Simmons made the beads below as prototypes for BOC (Beads of Courage Beads).  The beads on the left are tiger beads - the tiger may be used as an icon for the BOC Program.  On the right are samples of Christmas Beads that Robert wants to give to the nurses who work with the BOC children.  He needs about 150 of them so if you have some time, make some and get in touch with him via email.



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