2010 -  February



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We decided to devote a whole page to showcase Caitlin Hyde's beads because the beads are so interesting and so beautiful.  Caitlin makes many types of beads but the beads she taught us to make at Southern Flames were her pictorial beads.  These beads have a drawing of an animal or face on the front and a Mandela on the back.  Both the animals and and mandelas are "drawn" using dots, lines, simple shapes and masking techniques.



The squirrel beads shown below are addition examples of Caitlin's pictorial beads.


Note the striped design at the ends of the beads - a Caitlin Hyde signature element as is the color palette.


On the back side of most of Caitlin's pictorial beads are Mandelas.  But on the back of the Squirrel bead she surprises with an acorn.


More Mandelas and an Eye bead




Examples of Caitlin's dot beads.

More dot beads - the one in the center was about 3 inches in length and intricately decorated.



Very simple face beads.


More complicated faces



The photos  below of Caitlin Hyde's beads were taken by Joan Hougton-Theall


A cat face, an eye and a "Mirror bead" - don't know if that is what Caitlin calls it but that is what it reminds me of.



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