2010 -  February


(Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)


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Our wonderful teacher Caitlin Hyde gets ready to do the first demo for the class.

These are some of the beads that Caitlin will show the class how to make (except for the horse head - we think that Don Meadows made that one and gave it to Caitlin. )

(Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)



Caitlin makes complex beads but she uses a very, very simple set of tools - a paring knife, a graphite marver, a masher (made by her husband), a brass shaping tool and a razor.

Before we start our face beads, Caitlin has us draw simple face using circles and dots.

The class watches as Caitlin makes the base bead for the face.  It is shaped like a barrel and flattened.

The face is drawn on it using dots, lines and masking techniques.  (Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)


The beads on the left are the face beads that Caitlin brought to show us.   The beads on the right are ones the class made.
  Before we attempted more complex figurative beads, Caitlin discussed how a figure might be broken down into geometric shapes that can be replicated with glass. (Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)



She met with the class and then with each student individually to discuss the bead they wanted to make using the techniques she had taught us. (Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)



Some more photos of class members (left to right) Sandy Anderson, Rosalind Reiser, Robert Simmons, Marcia Manuel, and the class T.A. Diane Kovachs.


and some more of the beads that class members made.



Thank you Caitlin for an amazing class!


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