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At our January meeting, Don Meadows showed us how to make a horse head bead.  Before he started his demo, Don showed us photos of horse beads made by other beadmakers who  inspired him.

   These photographs are of horse beads collected by Jim Kerwin.  The page appears in an article Kerwin  wrote  ISGB's  publication The BEAD.  Sharon Peters made the horse with boots (bottom right) and Nina Sam Hibler the Mexican pinata bead above it.




Wendy Tobler is a well known beadmaker who makes horses, dogs and other animal beads.

Keri Fuhr whose work is also well known made this bead.

Before Don makes a sculptural bead he sketches it.  Here he shows us how he is going to start construction of the horse head from a cone shaped base. To see some more of Don's sketches, check out the link to Andrew Lunde's still photos available from the Scrapbook index underthe heading January  2010.



The following step by step photographs were taken by Fred Fuerst during the demo.  If you were at the demo see if you can identify what Don is doing in each one.  If you were not at the demo and want to see it,  check out the 5 part video that Andrew Lunde has posted on U tube.  Links to the video are on the Scrapbook index

Don starts the demo

 In the next 5 photos, Don starts building up the base bead and shapes it into a cone.

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