(Photos by Fred Fuerst)


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 Southern Flames was glad to have Janelle Zorko demo at our March meeting.  She made a glass vessel for us and discussed electroforming techniques and equipment.  To see more of Janelle's work using electroforming techniques click here  or scroll down to the bottom of this page.



Janelle has been involved with glass for over ten years.  She has been a glass blower since 1998.  After taking a glass sculpture class at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA she started making  making smaller items including beads and perfume bottles. She currently lives in Alabama and if you want to read more about her you can go to her website.



The electroforming setup that Janelle showed us at the meeting.  Below this photo is another of the electroforming kit she sells on her website.

The photos that follow were taken by Fred Fuerst and illustrate how Janelle makes one of her footed vessels.

1. Building up the body of the vessel.


2. Rounding up the body of the vessesl

3. Adding decorative elements to the vessel body

4. The last step in making the vessel is the addition of feet on which it will stand.

A collection of Janelle's glass vessels like the one she made in the photos shown above.  (Bead Photos by Fred Fuerst)

More beads and sculptures that Janelle electroformed after annealing.


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