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 We have been very lucky at Southern Flames to have a wonderful setup at our Meeting Site that allows us to see a close up view of every demo as it is happening.  Thanks to Beads by Design, we have available to us a large screen TV which you can see here in the background.



Once a demo starts the audience has the choice of watching the person doing the demo or a close-up of what is going on at the torch. Here  Stephanie White is working at the torch (left hand photo) and on the right is a photo of the televised close-up view of the glass in the flame..



The reason we are able to have such a wonderful detailed view of our demos is that Southern Flames outgoing co-president Andrew Lunde helped the SF Board to purchase a quality camera which he uses to video our presenters.  In the photo below Andrew is on the right with the Video camera photographing Stephanie's demo.  This not only allows the audience to see two views of what Stephanie is doing but  Andrew can also to transfer the recorded demo to a CD or a DVD.  This is kept  SF Resource Cabinet so that it can be checked out by members.  Andrew has also a posted a couple of these recorded videos to UTube so that we can access them over the Internet.  If you are curious, click here to check out Part 1 of the  UTube version of Don Meadow's demo of a beaded horse head. (Note the video is in 5 parts and you can access the other parts by clicking here.)  Thank you Andrew Lunde!


While Andrew is videotaping Stephanie's demo, we are equally lucky to have Fred Fuerst (below) taking fabulous still shots of the demo for our Scrapbook. And this is not a easy or straightforward process which any of us who have tried to photograph glass and beads in the glare of the torch have discovered.  


Fred has been photographing almost all of the demos that we have had during the past year.  You can see his photos of Stephanie White's demo by returning to the Scrapbook Index and selecting "April Meeting - Stephanie White Demo Part 2". 


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