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Southern Flames held a Silent Auction on May 15th and raised about $4500 dollars.  This allowed the organization to donate $1250.00 to Beads of Courage.  Those of us who were lucky enough  to be there had the opportunity to  bid on items ranging from handmade art beads and jewelry to amazing vendor donated items including glass, frit, shards, books, GTT torches and even an Oxygen Concentrator donated by Oxygen Plus Medical Systems.  To see a list of all the donors with photos of the items they donated, click here or use the Silent Auction Donor button on the home page.

Southern Flames owes a great debt to Kristy Nijenkamp  and Marcy Lamberson who did a phenomenal job obtaining all the amazing items for the auction.  Kristy also did most of the photography and organized the auction itself.  Thanks to Suzanne Patterson who spearheaded marketing and to Martha Fuerst who managed collecting all the money.  And mostly thanks to the Vendors and Members who made the donations that will support our organization and the program for the Beads of Courage kids.

 The Web Mama was so excited about bidding that once the auction started, she forgot to take photos - but she took a bunch as things were being set up which you can see below.   Luckily Marcy Lamberson and Andrew Lunde  sent some additional photos which you can access by going back to the Scrapbook Index.


Kristy Nijenkamp on the right doing some last minute Auction organization.  Fred Fuerst on the left is set up to collect beads for the Southern Flames 2010 Postcard.


Martha Fuerst on the left is setting up the stations for collecting money when the auction is done.

There were  8 tables and they closed at 15 minute intervals. 


The close up below shows more clearly how the items and the auction forms were set out for easy bidding.

Some of the other tables before the Meeting started.



And lastly the Oxygen Concentrator donated by Oxygen Plus Medical Systems which had its own table and and closing time!


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