(Photos by Marcy Lamberson


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When the Silent Auction started at 7:00 PM, the tables closed at 15 minute intervals.  Table 1 is shown below with bidders swirling around it.


One of the items which everyone wanted was a Scorpion Torch donated by GTT Technolgies which considers it a "next generation" torch (See catalog description below)  It was won by Andrew Lunde.


The Scorpion From the GTT Catalog "Once again rising above the ordinary, GTT has created the next generation of the standard torch, but there is nothing standard about it. The Scorpion uses the mighty Cricket as the center fire for this unbelievable torch. The Cricket is well known for its efficiency on a 5 LPM concentrator and the great ability to work both soft glass and borosilicate glass with ease. The Scorpion has an 8 jet outer fire using our new patent pending 100% surface mix design that optimizes 10 LPM or two 5 LPM concentrators with optimal results. The Scorpion makes the flame size of larger torches with fewer jets, owing the phenomenal performance to the newest GTT innovations in jet design. The Scorpion was designed with concentrators, low pressure and low consumption in mind. The Scorpion runs great on one 10 LPM concentrator, two 5 LPM concentrators or tanked oxygen. Oxygen consumption is 11 LPM (22 CFH) at the maximum flame size. It requires as low as psi to 5 psi of natural gas or propane with a low consumption rate of 1.5 LPM (3 CFH) at the maximum flame size. The Scorpion is the master at using low pressures for optimal results for soft or hard glass."


In this photo you can see a bead donated by June Manis and two icycles made by Marjorie Langston.


Many generous vendors donated glass - rods, sharts, frit and these items were among the most popular.  In this photos there is a bundle of 104 glass rods donated by Creation Is Messy,  murrini made by Lori & Kim and Bullseye glass contributed by Carol Web C-3 studios.



Frantz Art Glass  donated 72 rods of CIM glass along with a chain of reference beads - one in each color.


The bead links bead press was one of two that came from Mikes Brass for Glass.


To the righ in this photo is a Creation Station donated by Blue Moon Glassworks.  Once you try this specially designed Arm Rest, you will want to use one all the time.


Murano Millefiori makes a wonderful selection of simple and complex millefiori in 104  glass and donated  a large selection to our auction. The Web Mama is constant customer - one could even say a Mille-addict!


Two to the most beautiful items in the auction were the green velvet purse on the left made by Karen Barefield and the crackled glass bowl on the right by Tadashi Torri of Duckbill Studios.

Marcy Lamberson (Studio Marcy) who teaches individual students in her studio, donated a 2 hour private class.


 This wonderful bead display stand was made and donated by Diane Kovach of DK Designs.  They can be ordered in a variety of wood from the DK Website.

 The fused glass platter on the left was made by Southern Flames member Don Meadows.  Mary Lockwood donated several of her glass tutorials which are available from her website.  The one shown here is focused on making sculptural birds, but Mary also has written tutorials on making canes, fish and jellyfish.

Kristy Nijenkamp made two of these amazing reference bead chains.  This chain had a bead for each color available from Moretti and every bead was inscribed with the Effectre color code.


When the auction was finally over, Martha Fuerst and her helpers collect money, checks and credit cards..  About $4500  dollars was raised.




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