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 One of the things, the Web Mama likes to do before the meeting starts is to look at the jewelry that members have made and are wearing.   

Camille Simmons always has on something elegant and often her beadwork uses her husband's Robert Simmons beads as the centerpiece.  In this case Robert is not part of the creation, but necklace is still striking and  perfectly made.



Sylvie Lansdowne not only makes and teaches glass beadmaking all over the country, but she also creates beading kits, organizes retreats and works with students to make totally unique, always whimsical  rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  Shown below is her newest project, "Flora, Flora, Boom, Boom" - a combination of beadwork and lampwork which she will debut this September  at Creative Castle in Newbury Park, California.

If you've never seen Sylvie's beads or beading projects, you are in for a treat.  Here is a link to her website - take a look - it will make you smile.


Andrea Winkler, is another lampworker who also makes jewelry and works alot with another material - copper.  Below is a photo of the Cat Chases the Bird necklace, that whework to our July Meeting.  More photos of Andrea's copper jewelry can be seen on another page of the July scrapbook or you can go to her website Four Tails Lampwork 



The ISGB is sponsoring at Beaded Object Place Setting group competition at this year's gathering and Gerry White has been organizing contributions to it around the theme of the South. Shown below are the contributions that will be traveling with her to Rochester.  The Web Mama didn't get close-ups of all the pieces but some are shown below.



On the left is Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler made by Maureen McRorie.  On the right is a glass of ice tea complete with ice cubes and lemon created by Kristy Nijenkamp.


The piece of pecan pie made by Gerry and Steffi White.  Steffi made the pecan murrini and Gerry made the bead.  Yum!.  The mama and baby Possoms were created by Marcy Lamberson - who never makes a one creature bead when a multiple is more fun.


The meeting starts with our 2010 co presidents Sylvie Lansdowne (left) and Becky Sizemore (right) making announcements.

Welcome to our brand new member in green.

There were two demos at the meeting but first Robert Simmons made a presentation about the Beads of Courage Program.  We had hoped that Nancy Campbell from BOC would have been able to attend to accept a check from Southern Flames for $1250.00  This money was raised at the Silent Auction.  Nancy couldn't attend because she was closing on a new house - Congratulations and Best Wishes to Nancy.

Some of the interesting things that Robert told us about the BOC program are:
  • There are 71 hospitals and 10,000 kids that participate in the program.
  • Member hospitals are currently located in the USA, New Zealand and Japan and more will join from other countries around the world
  • Southern Flames has donated 3,373 beads
  • In total over 41,000 beads have been collected for BOC children
  • The average BOC kid collects 500 - 800 beads during their course of treatment and most can tell you the reason for each bead on their string.
  • Atlanta has the biggest program (most children enrolled) of any city in theUS.

After Robert's presentation,  Andrea Winkler and Sylvie Lansdowne did a joint demo of a decorated purple heart.  See the other pages in the July Scrapbook section.


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