(Photos by Fred Fuerst)


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 After Andrea Winkler made the pressed heart from purple glass, she handed it off to Sylvie Lansdowne to decorate it with polka dots, flowers and one of her wonderful whimsical faces.  The Web Mama took this photo, but Fred Fuerst who takes the most amazing demo still took all the closeup's that follow.  Diane Kovach is in the background video taping.



These are some of the tools that are Sylvie's favorites - a Loren Stump graphite marver and two pokers made by Whimsicalities.



In this photo you can see the polka dots that Sylvie placed on the heart.  She has also added a large dot for the face.  She showed us how to insert eye cane and then break it off for very precise eyes.  The poker is then used to press in the eye sockets. 


Here she is forming the mouth by using the pointing poker to indent and push up the mouth into a smile.

Hair is applied and shaped with the pokers

Cheeks are applied using a light amethyst dots and melting in.

No bead of Sylvie's is complete without a flower and some leaves and you can also see in this last photo that a nose has been added.

If you want to see some more of Sylvie Elise Lansdowne's adorably whimsical faces click the link below because smiling is good for everyone!



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