2010 Bead Swap


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 At least once a year Southern Flames has a Bead Swap - a meeting that makes everyone happy because we all go home with a new bead.  Before the meeting members given the following instructions:

"Bring one of your beads (or bead set or bead jewelry) that you would love to receive. Let you imagination run wild to package your bead, but don't put your name on the package, and then get set for one of our most fun meetings of the year. Not only will you laugh, but you�ll also get to take a new bead home with you. It might not be your first choice, or your second, but it will be the best choice the group makes for you."


Below are some photos from the 2010 Bead Swap. 

All the beads wrapped and ready.


A jar is passed around with numbers.  The number you pick determines when you get to open or "steal" a bead.   If you have a low number you run the risk of having the bead you open stolen from you. 

Deliberating about which package to choose.

Opening the package - whose bead did I get?


Beads come wrapped many ways - the ones on the left were in a wooden treasure purse.  The one on the right arrived in a Mc Donald's .... it's a McBead.


   Marcy won the marble made by Don Meadows.  Joan comes by to steal it from her.


After you open a bead, you must show it to the entire circle for a close look  - this is when you decide if you want to steal an opened bead or pick an unopened package.



To see some of the beads that were brought to the swap, look at the next page in the Scrapbook.


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