Beads of the Bead Swap


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 These are some of the beads that were exchanged at our 2010 Bead Swap.  We listed the name of the person who made the bead and the name of the person who wound up with it when we know them.  If you can identify any that we can't, please let the Web Mama know via email.

1. This adorable bunny with its personal garden was made by Marcy Lamberson



2. Three hearts by Kristy Nijenkamp


3.  A goddess of boro bead by Brian Renoud. I hope he has some for sale at his next show.


4. Baby Dragon by Lea Gaslowitz

 5. A lovely bead but blurry photo by Donna Myrick.  Sorry Donna.


 6. A duck and nest (do ducks have nests by the Web Mama Linda Edmunds

7. Earrings by Nancy Stone.  Won by Valerie.

8. Beads in a treasure chest won by Sylvie Lansdowne.  Made by Diane Kovach.

9. A multiple murrini aquarium bead by Stefanie White, won by Diane Kovach.

 10. Simple and perfectly made by Robin Snuttjer.

 11. Evil but elegant eye by Margo Knight.


12. Four perfect eggs by Kelley Wenzel won by Marcy Lamberson and shared with the Web Mama because the Web Mama had a tantrum when they were stolen from her and Marcy is more than generous.

 13. Flower and leaves by Robert Simmons

 14. A sweet angel by Adele Shepherd

 15. One of Sylvie Lansdowne's whimsical mermaids.

 16. Striking seaside tube by Suzanne Patterson

17. Pastel Silver pink tube with adventurine and raku frit by Becky Sizemore won by Linda Edmunds

18.  Silvered Ivory bead by Douglas Dillman.

19. Green and gold set by Joan Houghton-Theall

20. Black and white with rose colored glass by Valerie ?/



21.Don Meadows made the marble on the left which was part of the bead exchange.  He also made the other two marbles which were not part of the exchange but were so pretty we decided to takes photos of them too. 

 Remember - if you can name any of the unidentified beads above, let the Web Mama know. 

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