Gathering Report


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 There were two fun events at the August meeting.  Since it was the first meeting following the ISGB Gathering, members brought beads to show and share.  This year, Marie Shackelford was the 2010 Southern Flames Gathering Scholarship winner.  She explained to the group the process for applying for the scholarship as well as the advantages and responsibilities of winning.  To apply requires and essay and references from 3 ISGB members.  Forms are published on the ISGB Website when the Gathering Information is disseminated.  The scholarship pays the winner's Registration fee, one night at the conference hotel and $100 dollars towards transporation.  ISGB asks the winner to help at the desk or do some other volunteer activity for 8 hours.  Southern Flames asks our scholarship winner to report on the conference and to show the other members any beads, tools or supplies that were purchased or traded for. 


Here Marie is showing us a 4 inch bead that she got at the Gathering.  It inspired her to make several beads like it.  The beads were the longest most of us had ever seen made with a Minor torch - at least 4 inches in length.


A close up of the extra long beads.  The one at the left was brought back from the Gathering.  The ones at the right were made by Marie.  Other beads that Mare brought back from the Gathering are shown below.



Two beads made by Trey Cornette that Marie either purchased or traded for.  Trey Cornette will be be teaching at FlameTree.  Go to the FlameTree website for details.



A focal bead by Sherry Bellamy



The panda on the left was made by Joy Cichew (Web Mama needs help with spelling).  On the left is a mask by Debbie Weaver.


Marie traded some of her beads for the these two.  We think Southern Flames members may have made them.


Southern Flames took Best in Show for its entry into the "Beaded Things" competition.  The place setting which won the prize was organized by Gerri White and the pieces contributed by Southern Flames members.

Contributers to the place setting included Maureen McRorie (Scarlett and Rhett);  Gerry and Steffi White (Pecan Pie); Marcy Lamberson (Mama and Baby Possum); Robert Simmons (Camellia); Kristy Nijenkamp (Ice Tea)



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