2011 -  NOVEMBER



(Photos by Joan Houghton-Theall)

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 For the first time, Southern Flames had a Table and Booth had the November Gem and Mineral Show.  Several members had trays of beads to sell and over $1000 dollars worth of beads were purchased.  In addition, SF Members who volunteered at the booth were able to  educate shoppers at the show about how lampworked beads are made and about the SF organization.


The event was organized by Becky Sizemore, co-president of SF.  Well done Becky! 


On this page you can see photos of the show and of the Southern Flames Booth.  On the next scrapbook page are photos of the beads.  The majority of these photos were taken by Joan Houghton-Theall with a couple by Marcy Lamberson.  There is also a link from the Scrapbook index to photos taken by Bonnie Anderson.



The Cobb Gem and Mineral show was held on Fri, Sat, and Sun  Nov 19-21 at the Cobb County Civic Center. 

Lillie Bavendam and Becky Sizemore at the Booth.



Suzanne Patterson

Customers examining SF beads





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