(photos by Marcy Lamberson)


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  Definitely one of the highlights of the Southern Flames Year is our annual Holiday Party and Tree Raffle.  Members make beads to hang on a small tree and the tree is raffled off.  The lucky winner gets to keep the tree and all the beads.  There is also a Dessert and Appetizer challenge with members bringing their best in either category.  The event is a treat for the eyes, the stomach and the spirit. And even if we weren't there, we can share in the fun because Marcy Lamberson took photos of the celebration.


Before the party - a brief business meeting.

Appetizers set out and waiting to be eaten and voted on.  And the winner for best appetizer for the second year in a row was Lillie Bavendam!!! 


 The aroma of chocolate is wafting over the Web Mama's computer - can you smell it too?  The winners for best dessert were William and Jennifer Fisher for their Creative Chocolate Cake.  If you check out the SF Newsletter for January 2011, you will find the recipe.



Sara and her daughter Maya enjoying the festivities

Jennifer and William - bakers of the winning Chocolate Cake


Stephanie and Lillie.  Lillie won the Appetizer Challenge.

Gerry White who graciously hosts all the Southern Flames Meetings in her shop - Beads by Design.

Donna Myrick looking very happy after winning the lottery, the tree, and all the beads.  The tags on the tree identify the beads' creators.

A closer look at the tree with closeups of some of the individual beads below.  If you made one of the beads shown or know  who made one, please would you email the name to the Web Mama

Holiday Bead 1 by ?

Holiday Bead  by Sylvie Lansdowne


Holiday Bead by Marcy Lamberson

Holiday Bead 4 by ??



Holiday Bead by Kristy Nijenkamp

Holiday Bead 6 by ?




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