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Raked Star Bead


The first demo on the DemoPalooza schedule on Saturday night was a raked star bead by Marjorie Langston.


Marjorie is a well known instructor and author.  She couldn't stay for the entire event because she was booked to teach a weeklong class at the John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina.


One of the best things about the Demo's given at our Southern Flames meetings and events is that they are photographed with a video camera and shown simultaneously on a very large monitor so everyone in the audience can see close-up what the beadmaker is doing.  We were lucky to have Robert Simmons running the camera on Saturday.  On Sunday, Diane Kovach took over.

You can see Marjorie's bead in progress on the screen in the left hand photo.  The finished bead photographed when it came out of the kiln is on the right.



Some more of Marjorie's precise and beautiful stars.





Silver Lined Beads

Robin Snuttjer showed us how she lines beads with silver using a RetroTool silver corer. 


In this photo you can see Sylvie wearing a DemoPalooza t-Shirt and Robert Simmons photographing the Demo so SF members can watch it on the large monitor.




Some of the tools that Robin uses.  The RetroTool bead corer is in he box on the left.  On the far right is the tube cutter.

In this photo you can see the Retro Tool out of the box and on the table.


Examples of Robin's lined beads.  If you want to see more of Robin Snuttjer's lampwork, check out her website www.muon.org



Whimsical Mermaid

Sylvie Lansdowne who is currently Co-President of Southern Flames showed us how to make one of her mini mermaids.  In addition to teaching and selling lampwork all over the United States, Sylvie also teaches classes in beading and sells kits which combine her lampwork and beadwork.


A couple of Sylvie's Mermaids.   If you want to see more of Sylvie's work checkout her Website or Blog.


The front, the back and a closeup of the face of the the mini-mermaid Sylvie made Saturday Night.  Sylvie explained how she creates the eyes and mouth using cane and molding tools.



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