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Complex Twisted Cane Ring


Sunday morning, DemoPalooza started with a couple of demo's by Stephanie White.  First Stephanie showed us how to make a ring out of complex cane.  She followed with a demonstration of the application of her butterfly murrini.


Shown below are some of Stephanie's glass rings combined with silver rings in a necklace


Once the Design

From a postcard showing one of Stephanie's butterfly murrini beads.


Some of Stephanie's adorable penguin murrini.


Stephanie is the daughter of Gerry White who owns Beads by Design so you can find many of Stephie's beads and murrini for sale at the shop.  




Change of Seasons Bead


 Margo showed us how to make and apply silver foil cutouts that are made using craft paper punches.


A close up of the demo bead.


Some more of Margo's beads made with the silver leaf cutouts.

Margo also makes the most marvelous birds.  The ones shown below are a new design of Margo's.  The middle one is now perching in the Web Mama's aviary next to one of Margo's crows purchased at the Gathering a couple of years ago.




Bead and Button 2011 Anniversary Bead

Sara Sally LaGrand was in town to teach 3 classes for Southern Flames.  Diane Kovach took a lot of  photos of Sara Sally's beads and the class.  There are on another page in the scrapbook so we are only including a couple here.


For the DemoPalooza event, Sara demonstrated her Gourd Bead.  This is the bead (see below) that Bead and Button have chosen has chosen as their 15th Anniversary Commemorative Bead.  You can order one at the Bead and Button Web Site.

Some of the amazing Corsages that Sara Sally brought with her.

The corsages are made of component beads like the ones shown here.


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