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Don Meadows

Vortex Marble


Don Meadows demonstrated how to make a vortex marble - you can see an example of what he made below. To see more of Don's work go to his website Shadows Unlimited.


A Vortex Marble - hard to see here but the spiral goes downward thru the glass - a great illusion.

A few more of Don's Marbles.

One of the best things about Don's marbles is that each marble has two different faces.  Below you can see the front and back of single marble.  How cool it that?



Pacific Jelly Fish Bead

Robert Simmons who coordinates Bead Donation for BOC programs all over the country demonstrated a Jelly Fish Bead.


(photo by Diane Kovach)   


One of the tools that Robert to warm rods is a rod heater.  Guess where you buy one.  In Sally's Beauty store or another store specializing in hair products.  The heater is made to heat hair rollers and Robert adapted to heat rods by adding the stand in front.

(photo by Diane Kovach)


Flower Beads and a Moon Bead by Robert.

If you want to get in touch with Robert, this is his business card.



Using Bead Presses

If you have ever tried using a Bead Press, it is not as simple to get good results as you might expect.  In fact, it is downright difficult.  In this demo, Diane who has mastered the use of many of these presses to make the bead sets she sells, gave the group a tutorial on using them properly. Diane is a successful full time beadmaker who shows her work at many Craft shows and festivals in the Southeast.  To see her work online, you can use the links below her photo


DK Designs



Email  diane@dkdesigns.biz

Three examples of beads made with presses.   On top is a Nugget, bottom left a Hex shaped bead and bottom right is a lentil.

The orange beads are an example of a set of hex beads.  The press allows the lampworker to keep all the beads closer in size and shape than making them freehand.

Some more of Diane's beads.


Champagne Flute with Decorative Trim

Lance, with his wife, Maureen are the owners of FlameTree Glass in Roswell.  If you love lampworking, this shop is a must for tools, glass, classes, books, and the amazing work of Lance, Maureen, and other bead artists.

Lance works primarily, but not exclusively,  with boro glass and offers a wide range of classes at FlameTree. Check out the FlameTree website for the particulars.


(photo by Diane Kovach)

Some of Lance's Champagne Flutes.  He demonstrated how he makes one.


(Photos from the FlameTree Website.)


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