2011 -  JANUARY


(Photos except for top two by Diane Kovach)

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Southern Flames was honored to be able to sponsor 2 classes with Sara Sally LaGrand in January.! 

The  Creativity and the Glass Corsage class focused on the creation of  glass corsages. On the first day, students learned to make 5 sculptural shapes; the pod, the crater, the disc, the berry and the wing. On the second day the students learned how to assemble the components into a corsage like the one shown below made by Sara Sally.   The Silvered Glass class was a one day class and covered using Precision 104, Double Helix, TAG glass effectively while minimizing cost.


Sara Sally LaGrand

A component crater bead in progress. 

 The Creativity and Corsage Class


More photos from class




The following photos show the components that students made on the first day of class.  You can see Sara Sally's components on a separate page in this Scrapbook


These components may have been made by Sara Sally.  If the Web Mama is wrong, please let her know.


Corsages made by students in Sara Sally's class. Sylvie Lansdowne made the corsage on the left; Becky Sizemore the one on the right.


And another student wearing the corsage she made - sorry we don't have a close up of this one..


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