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In 2011 Valerie Stikels was the winner of the ISGB  Gathering Scholarship  sponsored by Southern Flames.  Scholarship winners participate in various ISGB activities and Valerie gave us a very lively description of her experience in Louisville.



Members and Guests listening to Valerie's presentation




The first demo of the meeting was done by Sara Beach who showed us how she makes her borosilicate pendants with flowers captured inside.  The pendant on the left was made and photographed before the meeting and the one one the right is the one Sara made in front of us.
Sara also captures flowers in borosilicate marbles and she brought some for us to see. 
Robert Simmons who is the Beads of Courage National Beads Donation Director showed Southern Flames members how to make Snowmen Beads.  Southern Flames has committed to making 350 Snowman for the BOC program at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  He told us to be careful that the snowmen have no glass protrusion that can break off.  Silver glass and Evil  Purple is also to be avoided.  Robert makes his snowmen using an unusual technique - he starts with a cone shape that he segments into three sections - head, torso and bottom.  Robert is planning to write up instructions for making snowmen technique and share them with us.


A sample of Robert's Snowmen

This group of COOL snowmen was made by Kristy Nijenkamp.

We know Kristy's snowmen are cool because so many of them are wearing sunglasses



Marcy Lamberson a whole bunch of cheerful and colorful Snowmen for BOC. 

Every single one of Marcy's snowmen is unique and probably has a name and detailed life story.  Don't believe the Web Mama?  Ask Marcy!


This last group of beads was made at a Beads of Courage event at FlameTree Glass.  Members made and contributed more than 100 beads for the children.


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