2014 -  November 19


Holiday Beads


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Just in time for the holidays!! 

Stephanie White and Marcy Lamberson provided mini-demos on a variety of holiday-themed beads.  

If you've made some too, send in your photos, and your Web Mama will post them here for you!! 


First, Stephanie Demonstrated two of her Holiday Beads:

Stephanie's Lovely Christmas Tree

Create a barrel and add glass at the base.

Marver into a cone shape.

Roll on a dual-action marver.

Add decorative "lights" and base.

And ... Voilla!!  A beautiful tree!!

Next, Stephanie demos a cute snowman!

Create a white cone.

Divide head & body sections with a razor tool.

Round the sections and add a black hat.

Stephanie shapes his hat.

and wraps a twisty scarf around his neck.

She adds eyes, nose, buttons, & scarf pom-poms.

And ...  here he is!!  Darling!!





Next, Marcy demonstrated a Christmas Angel upon request

Create a white base bead.

Add glass, marver and shape to a triangle.


Refine shape - here Marcy adds some flare to the base of the skirt.

Adds light ivory for the face.

There's her face.

Next, add pink cheeks

and brown hair.

... Long brown hair!

Use pointed pliers to mark the eyes.

The angel is shaping up!

Marcy adds black stringer eyes,

and gives her arms

and hands

and feet.

Next, Marcy adds a bit of light brown texture to her hair.

And a bit of decoration to her gown.

And - of course, her wings!!



And here's one adorable flying angel!!





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